i3 Professional Services group will help
 you assess, customize and implement
 solutions in a timely and cost efficient
Intelligent Information understands
the urgency of any disruption in
service. We have gathered the
greatest talent to fullfill your needs.


 When clients need long-term and
 short-term on-site staffing assistance,
 we provide qualified resources to satisfy
 your requirements.

Who We Are:

Intelligent Information Inc. (i3) meets the unique needs of small, medium and large-sized businesses for outsourced Networking, Staffing, Hardware repairs, and Software services. Our certified techinicians are trained to enhance the performance of your IT infrastructure. Since 1990 we have become the IT Department for businesses and corporations within the greater Tri-State area. The key to developing these relationships is our willingness to grow and change with technology and our client's dynamic needs.

What We Do:

Intelligent Information Inc. is a leading provider of Professional IT Services and Strategic Business Solutions.  I-3 designs, builds and implements cost-effective software, hardware, and personnel solutions that measurably enhance our client's business performance. If you need a new network built from the ground up, printer or plotter repair or anything in between, Intelligent Information has a 24-year history of providing value to our customers. We utilize our experience to deliver business solutions based on our proven hardware and software methodology and expertise. We believe in harnessing the energy and ingenuity of our employees and sharing that knowledge with our partners. From intelligent thinking comes an intelligent IT solution.